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We share the testimonies of students who attended classes with Spanish Dublin


August 2015

I have been studying Spanish with Loly once a week for four years now. Like everyone, my life is very busy, so the fact that I am still attending the classes is testament to how enjoyable they are! I started the classes with absolutely no Spanish and within a few months I could have basic conversations on many topics. I can happily listen to programmes on the tv or radio now, and have chats with native Spanish speakers, and that is down to Loly’s never ending patience and skill as a teacher. She always injects interest and fun into the lessons and tailors them to suit the student’s individual needs using a mixture of text books, planned subjects of topical interest and audio and video material. Loly is without a doubt the most dedicated teacher I have come across and is also a really lovely person.

I suppose I would have made some progress in a group class, but I have no doubt that I have learned much quicker in the focused sessions with Loly. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough.

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Elaine Girard,Ballsbridge

28 May 2014

“In October 2013 I was fortunate enough to get in contact with Loly at Spanish Dublin and she accepted to give me one-on-one lessons. Some years ago I had been preparing to sit for the DELE Superior exam but things got in the way and I dropped Spanish for quite a while. When I started with Loly my grammar, vocabulary and audio competency had declined seriously but after 8 months I have made terrific improvement all around. Loly tailors her classes to suit the individual student. She provides extremely interesting material for mature students including Spanish language literature by various authors from the Hispanic world. She also uses audio recordings of poems and short stories, which sharpens comprehension. Grammar is also addressed with the use of an appropriate book. Another wonderful thing Loly does is to lend her students Spanish language films and books and pointing students in the direction of Spanish TV series – great audio exercise! She puts a lot of emphasis on conversation and has many topics prepared for this purpose. She sometimes pushes me out of my comfort zone by asking me to write about subjects, which at first seem difficult but about which, strangely enough I always manage to find something to write.

Loly is a very dedicated teacher and a friendly and lovely person. She enjoys what she does and is very competent at it. I always look forward to my lessons with her and would strongly recommend her classes to anyone who is keen to study Spanish and make progress in a stimulating way.”

Sinéad Farrell

August 2018

“I started Spanish classes with Loly about six months ago. Previously, I had been learning at a language institute in Dublin. As soon as I started with Loly I realised I had hit upon someone very special. I was tired of learning at a slow pace, in a large group of people, ironically with so few opportunities to speak the language. Isn’t that what’s its all about?

Loly has opened up my eyes to this beautiful language. Classes are structured as you desire-sometimes we learn grammar or vocabulary, sometimes we listen to audio passages, a song or a movie, analysing them afterwards. But mostly we discuss different topics, an incredible way to improve your conversation skills. We chat about a vast array of topics-often on things that would be difficult to discuss in English! Either way, I love all of our lessons. They are always so thoughtfully prepared.

My Spanish has improved dramatically in the last six months. It’s astounding to me to be able to understand so much more and to be able to communicate, something I struggled so badly with before. I had always enjoyed Spanish classes but now my progress is so much faster and so much more rewarding. She is also flexible so if your usual time doesn’t suit you can rearrange a different time for the following week, something which is never possible with larger group classes.

I think her classes are extremely reasonably priced too, considering the level of tuition and attention you’re receiving. She is patient, enthusiastic, generous, inspiring, encouraging and kind-everything you could possibly dream of in a teacher. Above all, she is a lovely person and I cannot recommend her classes highly enough.”-

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September 2019

“I have been studying spanish for a little over a year now with Loly. When I started I didn’t speak a single word in this language. However since then I’ve learned alot! The lessons are very interesting and diversified. Loly is great and very devoted to her work. She cares about my learning progress and always takes extra time to give me an explanation for new material, or if I have any trouble with a task. She also gives me additional materials to work with at home, when there is something that I need to improve on. Various teaching methods that Loly uses mean that learning spanish comes easily.”-

Kate Enright

May 2019

Since I began Spanish classes with Rosa at the start of 2012, my confidence has grown greatly with particular significance to my speaking. Although I had a basic knowledge of the language, I was not confident in holding even the briefest of conversations. Now however, due to Rosa’s patience and comprehensive lesson plans I feel 100% comfortable when speaking with her and others.

Having spent some time in south America I had picked up many phrases and a small but useful vocabulary base, unfortunately my grammar was not up to scratch and Rosa understood that immediately, she began putting together grammar heavy classes for me to ensure that I was up to speed with the basics from the beginning.

Classes encompass everything from grammar exercises, to music, to short films, keeping classes interesting. I enjoy structure and therefore I require specific and plentiful homework to be completed throughout the week, Rosa understands this and assigns me with many varied exercises to do. Homework includes exercises, games, reading and audio.

I enjoy my classes thoroughly and look forward every week to it. Sincerely,

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Hombre con bufanda

Terry Mc Grath

October 2019

I have been studying Spanish for a number of years, mainly in the Institutio Cervantes, and in my opinion Gabriela is the best Spainish teacher that I have ever come across. She is a good teacher per se.She will get you to say something or to write something, then she will help you with your pronunciation, or the grammar or the tense or whatever. She also has great patience, I am constantly making the same mistakes and she is always pleasant and helpful. The other great thing that I like about Gabriela is that she gets you to talk, or write or read. The result is that you are getting 100% attention.

I can honestly recommend Gabriela as a Spanish teacher. 


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