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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Despite how complex learning Spanish may seem when we begin to study it, you'll be surprised to discover some of their easy characteristics, which will show you the way to the complete mastering of the language. Ready? I’m going to tell you three secrets that will make your day.


Spanish is a phonetic language. What does this mean? Well, it means that each letter goes with only one possible sound. All you need to learn is how to pronounce every letter, and then they will do the job themselves: they will always sound the same way. No exceptions, I promise! Amazing, isn’t it?

2) SPANISH HAS LESS WORDS THAN ENGLISH What is this? Spanish has less words than english? Well yes! Believe it or not, according to Real Academia Española (The Royal Spanish Academy) our target language has only 88 thousand words, while English has over 350 thousand words. Said like this it may sound like a high number, but don’t be lazy! If you could make it with those 350, the 88 thousand Spanish words will be a piece of cake!

3) SPANISH IS THE FASTEST LANGUAGE TO SPÈAK The speed of a language is based on the number of syllables an average person is able to pronounce per minute. According to this analysis, Spanish shares first place with Japanese. Fluency is closer than you think!

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