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Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Today, we’re going to put aside the most technical aspect of Spanish, and we’re going to give way to something much more fun and light. I bet you’ll be excited about this list of curiosities of the Spanish language.

1) Spanish is spoken by 534 million people all over the world

2 ) The first document on record dates from the year 959, and its author is a monk. Its content is a list of supplies from the convent.

3) The most pronounced letters are E, A, O, L and S, in that order.

4 ) Where does the Ñ come from? The Ñ was born as an abbreviation of the syllable “ni”. In the Middle Ages, before the creation of the printing press, monks were in charge of patiently copying every word of a book. To save time in such an exhaustive task, the scribes began to abbreviate some syllables (such as “ni”) by designing a tilde or virgulilla above the N. Of course, the Ñ has endured to this day.

5) Formerly, in Spain the Spanish language was known as "Christian", to differentiate it from Arabic, the mother tongue of Muslims, who lived in the same territory.

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Mariano Zagari
Mariano Zagari
Jan 22, 2021



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