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Barbacoa Summer 2017 - Please join us for a glass of wine and some food

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

At Spanish Dublin we have events throughout the year to get the students together and practice their Spanish with one another. This is a great and practical way to learn the language, and they are always very sociable and a lot of fun.

At spanish dublin we think about every need

Learning Spanish is a challenge that requires time and patience. We understand that students do not always have the time to study and improve their Spanish. That is why we generate intensive practice meetings and offer flexible and personalized individual Spanish classes. The student can decide the duration of each class and the number of weekly classes.

During our meetings we have fun and put into practice what we have learned in Spanish classes. It is the best way to put the language into practice

Group Spanish courses offer an excellent atmosphere to study the Spanish language, but it must be borne in mind that the pace and pace of learning is not managed by one but the group as a whole.

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